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Services Available outside of Chaguaramas

While Chaguaramas has a lot to offer, there are many services important to cruisers that are available elsewhere in Trinidad.

Medical Care

The quality of the medical care in Trinidad and Tobago is very good and there is an extensive network of services available.

Medical Emergency & Emergency Care

First Aid - First Aid is available 24/7 at the Crews Inn Security Office, behind the hotel. If serious, go to West Shore Medical

Serious or Life Threatening

1. Contact Hospital - West Shore Medical (phone: 622-9878/9670) (ER open 24/7), 239 Western Main Rd, Cocorite, just past West Mall (“The Falls”), for excellent emergency care at a price. Or, St. Clair Medical Center, (open 24/7). Bring cash or credit card.

2. Contact Jesse James (phone: 868-683-5202) for help in arranging transportation.

3. Put a call out on VHF 68 for cruisers help.


West Shore Medical - West Shore Medical (phone: 868-285-5019) is a private hospital which operates on the twin-island Caribbean Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Since its inception in 2004, West Shore has been looking after the medical needs of not only locals, but international patients as well. This state-of-the-art hospital comes equipped with the latest in medical technology and is manned by an expert team of dedicated practitioners who always put patients first. It is the closest to Chaguaramas, just beyond West Mall heading toward Port of Spain.

St. Clair Medical Center - SCMC is the oldest private hospital in Trinidad and Tobago that has become the Caribbean's premier provider of comprehensive state of the art and compassionate healthcare. It has expanded to a sixty (60) bed accommodation and has an Accident and Emergency department opened twenty four (24) hours / seven (7) days weekly.

Port of Spain General Hospital - The large public hospital located in downtown Port of Spain. Phone - (868)-623-2951. It has a mixed reputation and is the place a public ambulence will take you.

7th Day Adventist Hospital - A very good church run hospital located on the other side of the Western Main road, not far from the West Shore Medical Center.

Doctors, Dentists and other Medical Specalists

The list below contains medical specialists most frequently used by cruisers. Check with fellow cruisers to get their Recommendations or favorites.

Input - Doctor's Specialty

Eye Care

For eye doctors see the list above. For eye glasses and eye exams, there are shops at both the West Mall and the Long Circular Mall. Both of these places have doctors on call.


Some pharmacists write your prescription and then fill it. No doctor visit required in many cases. Antibiotics may be an exception.

There is a pharmacy in the Crew's Inn complex. In need of a pharmacist? Call Shazzan who has the pharmacy at Crews Inn. He goes way beyond the call of duty, bringing orders direct to you if you can't get to his store. Respectful, listening ear and good advice, but most of all just a real nice decent person. Due to Covid the operating hours are fluctuating. Best WhatsApp message your order or call 1-868-738-8500 and he can come out to Chaguaramas to meet you.

Kappa Drugs, in Glencoe across from the Massy grocery is a dispensing chemist/prescription pharmacy.

SuperPharm Drug Store near West Mall offers discounts on many prescription drugs.

The Dispensary, 40 Good Health Medical Center, 7 FitzBlackman Drive, Woodbrook, will fill & deliver your prescription, tel 627-8102

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Chandleries and Hardware Stores - Outside of Chaguaramas

While the selection of parts available at the several chanderlies in Chaguaramas is good, there is often that special part that is needed. Before resorting to ordering the part from overseas, a check of several places locally is often fruitful.

LP Marine - LP Marine is located in Glencoe on the lefthand side (going toward Port of Spain) just before Massies. They stock a wide variety of marine parts often they have a selection of parts not found in Chaguaramas. They also do rebuild work on pumps. Call - (868) 633-3395. Hours: 8 to 5 Monday to Friday, 9 to 1 on Saturday.

Peak's Hardware - Peak's Hardware is a typical hardware store with a wide variety of hoseware and excellent tool department. In a seperate building on site they have a great selection of refrigeration and air conditioning products. They are located on the righthand side of the road (going toward Port of Spain), just before the gas station. A divider prevents stopping on an east bound journey. Best reached west bound. Phone: 868-226-7325, Hours 8am to 5pm daily.

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Propane, Camping Gas or Butane tank fills

There are three options:

1. You can get your own propane tank filled at the NP (National Petroleum) LPG station just east of Bhagwansingh’s hardware, PoS, 0730 to 1500, M-F. If you have transportation, this is by far the lesser cost option. Cost is TT$16.25 for a 10# tank and TT$38.25 for a 20# tank. Currently no tank inspection is required. Some European and South African valve types may not be serviced. The NP LPG facility is on the south side of the divided highway; and you must go another ~3 Kms beyond and cross over the road to return. Stay in the left hand lane. The entrance is just before the “> > > > >” pattern on a concrete barrier before the overpass. You need to wear long slacks and close-toed shoes to enter the compound, and no cell phone use in the compound. You may legally carry not more than 45 lbs of Cooking gas in your private auto.. Call for more info: 625-1364, ext 589.

2. Ian's Taxi. Ian’s Taxi makes cooking/camping gas runs, picking up both Propane and Butane tanks at the various marinas and boatyards, usually on Friday but NOT always during holiday periods. Full tanks are generally returned the next afternoon (Saturday), subject to availability of gas at the supply site. Ian’s Taxi tel #s are: Cell. 780-7081, (H) 632-7833. A 20# propane fill is $85 TT. 10# tank is $80TT. Butane is $80TT/ 5 lb blue bottle, $TT120/10 lb and a 20 lb EC bottle is $180TT. RAMCO (the company that fills the bottles) requires all propane tanks older than 5 years be pressure tested prior to filling. The charge for this may be $100TT or more, plus the cost of any replacement parts. It could take an extra week for this to be done. It may be less expensive to buy a new 20 lb steel tank for about TT$300 at PriceSmart. Check with your marina or boatyard office, or the gate guard for current prices. Pre-pay Ian for the cooking gas at most sites. Leave money at the marina/boatyard office for TTSA, CrewsInn, and Tropical Marine, and at the security guard shacks for IMS, Power Boats and TTYC. The situation at Peake’s and Coral Cove is different. Put your boat name and location within the Coral Cove and Peake compounds on your gas bottle and leave it at the guard shack or designated site. When Ian arrives, he will come to your boat for payment (in advance or after the bottle has been filled.). At all boatyards and marinas have your boat name and location clearly marked on the tank, and your sealed payment envelope.

3. An alternative is to ‘rent’ a local cooking gas tank ($300 TT deposit) and you get a full bottle. When it’s empty exchange it for another full bottle for about $22TT. Full bottles usually available at Island Homeowners, or Carenage NP station.

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The NP (National Petroleum) LPG station

Other Services

There is alway an odd or end that does not fall into any particular catagory, but is needed on the boat or by the crew. A listing (extracted from the frequently asked questions on the Trinidad Cruisers Facebook Page) of some of these follows:

Fabric, Material, and Sewing Supplies


Notary Public/Administer of Oaths

The US Embassy in Port of Spain will notarize documents; 0730-1130. Bring your US passport. $30US for 1st signature, $20US each additional notary signature. Also, Fitzwilliam, Stone, Atty’s, 48-50 Sackville Street, Port of Spain, tel: 623-1618; ask for Winston Thompson. $100TT. Or, LEX Caribbean, Attorneys at Law, 5-7 Sweetbrier Road, adjacent Canada High Commission, St Clair, 628-9255. About $TT100. Make an appointment


Carla at Sea of Styles has now moved on. There is another salon in Glencoe. It is located right behind the Massy grocery parking lot; Call Jenny at 633-7174. There is also a salon located in West Mall on the midlevel at the end toward the drug storre.

Fire extinguisher services

Dry chemical extinguishers should be inspected or serviced annually. Regional Fire and Security in Chaguaramas (they may offer a free inspection), contact Brooke Silva, 353-3880 and 638-3473, or Solar Max in Barataria at 394-2225 or 316-2568, or Firsec Ltd, 132 Wrightson Road, PoS, 625-5819, or Fire Protection and Prevention Consultants, San Fernando, 659-1680.

Computer repairs or software assistance

For computer de-bugging service and repairs try Jean d’Montrechard, 735-4826. He maintains a place of business in the YSATT office. Glenn Saxon at 633-9916, 795-4225. “The Wiz” for service/sales at 624-7000 or 625-7000. J2K Technologies (Mr.Jamel James), 44 Cascade Valley Road, PoS, tel # 730-1255. Value Tech Company, 61 Lorendale Road, Glencoe, cellular 795-2991. MicroTran, 19 Murcurapo Road, 622-8019. For Apple/Mac parts, repairs, accessories try Right Enterprises, 622-9641, 110 Saddle Rd., Maraval. For Microsoft products call Microsoft T&T, 61 Mucurapo Rd, 632-8488.

Life raft servicing

There are two local servicing agents; Marine Safety in Chaguaramas and Marine Consultants in El Socorro. They service different brands; call to see which will take yours. Marine Safety will come to your boat & transport your life raft to/from their Chaguaramas facility. 634-4410. Cell 789-9045 for Shane Gill.

Watch and clock repairs

D.Roberts watch repair shop (345-5141), Point Cumana, north side of Western Main Road He also has a good assortment of small batteries for other applications. Or Prakask, “The Watch Doctor”, Independence Square, downtown PoS, 494-1312. Stephen’s Repair Centre (Casio, Citizen, Seiko), 2nd floor, Town Centre Mall, Frederick St, PoS, tel 624-9655.

Anchor Galvanizing

To re-galvanize an anchor in Trinidad: (hot dip zinc coating): call Varma Iron and Steel 659-4008/4018 In Claxton Bay near San Fernando. Directions: Take the main highway east from Port of Spain and turn south on the Uriah Butler Highway (heading toward Chaguanas and San Fernando). Pass Chaguanas, then pass the Couva flyover, then take the next turnoff to Claxton Bay. Follow this road to Claxton Bay and turn left (south) at the junction of Southern Main Road. Continue south on Southern Main Road. You’ll pass Trinidad Cement Co., and then just pass the St. Margaret Police Station, Varma Iron and Steel is to your left, up a long driveway. Notes and procedure: Delica at the front desk is very efficient and helpful. The anchor can most likely be galvanized while you wait, but call ahead to ask first. The process, including cooling the anchor enough to take away, takes about 2 hours. You will need to have your anchor sandblasted before going to Varma. Try Carlton; 290-5457 / 627-0008. (see FAQ #69). The anchor should be handled with gloves after sandblasting, and taken to Varma as soon as possible after the sandblasting is done. No further prep is required after sandblasting. Or, use the sand blasting firm in San Fernando.

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