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Chaguaramas; Yards, Marinas, and Anchorages

Chaguaramas Bay has changed a lot since the days of being an American Military Base during World War Two. It now has one of the finest collection of marine services and skilled workers to be found anywhere in the Caribbean. There is very little that cannot be found, fabricated, or repaired here. All with the unique Trini style.

The Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT)

YSATT (pronounced Why Sat), is the non profit umbrella organization established in 1994 by the boatyards and marinas within the Western Peninsula of Trinidad, to ensure the proper and controlled growth of the yacht service industry in Trinidad & Tobago. While primarily a trade organization they provide a great deal of support to the visiting Cruiser.

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Yacht Yards and/or Marinas

The Yards and Marinas are the heart of the yacht service industry in Chaguaramas. Taken together they are able to haul/launch two dozen boats in a day from the smallest sailboat to major power yachts.

There are a number of great marinas in Chaguaramas, including a number of docks available at the Yacht Yards and a few smaller marinas. Dock space is limited in Trinidad, so cruisers must compete with many of the local boaters. However, with early reservations, most all cruisers are able to find a place to keep their boats.

Yard List:

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Yard or Marina Phone Haul Slips Full Service
Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association(868) 634-4519nono
Crews Inn(868) 607-4000noyesno
Coral Cove Marina & Boatyard(868) 634-2040yesyesyes
Power Boats(868) 634-4303yesyesyes
Peake Yacht Services(868) 634-4420yesyesyes

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The Fuek Dock at Powerboats
The Fuel Dock at Powerboats
The haul-out slip at Peak Yacht Services
The haul-out slip at Peake Yacht Services

Power Boats

Located in the middle of the North Shore of Chaguaramas Bay, Power Boats is basically divided into two sections, one for local power boats and the other for foreign yachts. In the foreign yacht section they haul over 500 yachts every year with their maximum capacity being about 250 yachts on land in the high (hurricane) season. In spite of these relatively large numbers, they still take great pride in offering as close to a “family” service as possible. The owners and managers of their company are all experienced boating enthusiasts who understand the needs of both our local power boating community as well as the foreign yachting visitors. Power Boats’ intention is always to give to their customers the best possible service at the best possible price and ultimately, to make it as easy, comfortable and cost effective as possible for their customers to store and repair their boats at their secure, customer friendly boatyard in Trinidad.

Contact Number: (868) 634-4303


Services: full service boatyard

Facilities:60 ton lift, catamaran cradle for 35 to 55 ft., hotel, marina, restaurants, space for 250 yachts.

Arial View of Power Boats Yard.
Aerial View of Power Boats Yard.
Power Boats Yard
Power Boats Yard
Power Boats Fuel Dock
Power Boats Fuel Dock

Moorings and Anchorages

Chaguaramas Bay is a commercial port serving many ships supporting Trinidad's oil industry. It is also home to a very active fishing fleet. As a result you can get a better selection of marine services and fresh fish.

Chaguaramas Bay

There are a number of moorings available at the mouth of the inner harbor between Power Boats and the commercial docks. It is also possible to find a spot to drop an anchor. Care must be taken to keep out of the way of traffic and the holding can be difficult.

Update May 27 2024 - The cost is 50TT or 7 USD at night, the yellow moorings belong to Phillip Tardeau 477-7426 and the red ones to Simon 324-3270 (update provided by Gordon Gervais)

Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association (TTSA)

There are both mooring and anchoring locations off TTSA located to the east of Chaguaramas Bay. TTSA provides full services to moored and anchored boats for a small fee.

These moorings are located approx. 8nm east of Chaguaramas. The Association has a great number of moorings for locals and visitors (up to 15 tonnes). These are available on a first come, first served basis and are inspected quarterly by a qualified diver. Full service haul-out yard, 15-ton marine hoist, moorings, bar and snack bar, office services, laundry, repair shed, water, ice, anchorage.

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Chaguaramas Bay Anchorage
Chaguaramas Bay Anchorage
TTSA Anchorage
TTSA Anchorage