Trinidad Cruisers Exploring the Island

Exploring Port of Spain

The City of Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago and is the second largest city after San Fernando. The city is rich in history and culture.

Downtown Port of Spain


Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Emperor Valley Zoo

The Emperor Valley Zoo is situated adjacent to the Botanical Gardens, Port of Spain, Trinidad. The exhibits are spread over a 7.2 acreage, with much of the flora of the original site retained, thus enhancing the overall landscape. Enclosures, pathways, fences and buildings have been incorporated into the natural topography creating a wilderness atmosphere and a feeling of relaxation for the many visitors who come each year.

Royal Botanic Gardens of Trinidad and Tobago

The Gardens are comprised of twenty-five (25) hectares of beautifully landscaped grounds located north of the capital city of Port of Spain. The gardens consist of approximately seven hundred (700) trees of which thirteen percent (13%) are indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago. Trees in our gardens represent every continent of the world.

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Queen’s Park Savannah


Fort George