Welcome to the Chaguaramas Yachting Community

Information and Resources

VHF Net: currently Monday – Friday 8:00 AM Channel 68. Tune in and participate let us know you are here, ask questions, barter, trade or give away treasures from your bilge1 and find out about social events we encourage your participation.

Here in Chaguaramas we use Channel 68 as a hailing channel, we encourage you to monitor Channel 68.

Check in with the MSATT: office at Powerboats (hours 9AM-4PM Monday to Friday) for a welcome package, recommendations for contractors, service or general information on Trinidad andTobago. Contact MSATT at www.msatt.org

Shopping trips:

Pricemart & Massy: Tuesday 9:30 AM Returns between 1:00 and 1:30 PM (pickup at your gate). Pricesmart is membership / big box shopping, if you are not a member it is not a problem tag along at the checkout with someone who is. Massys is a supermarket and while some people are getting their groceries others run next door to the mall which is next to Massys. We generally make a side trip to one of the following: Peakes hardware, Arties meats or Malabar meats which are small upscale meat markets and “gourmet” stores. Transportation provided by Jesse Members Only price 100TTD. Contact Jesse in advance to reserve a place on the bus.

Fresh fruit and vegetable market in Port of Spain Two Stops: Saturday 7:00 AM (Pickup at your gate) Returns about 10:00. Members Only Maxi Taxi and Tour services deliver you right back to your boat within any of the marinas. Here you can get your fresh fruit, vegetable, meats and seafoods for a 1hr stop and then a 30 min stop at Massy Stores Supermarket. Cost $50TT. Contact Jesse in advance to reserve a place on the bus.

For Further Shopping Information Check out Shopping

There are other trips from time to time organized either by Jesse or fellow cruisers. Check the morning radio net or MSATT/Trinidad WhatsApp group. To be included in the WhatsApp group Contact Jesse .

Social Events:

BBQ: Thursday 6:00 PM the coals are lit for the BBQ at Roti Hut Powerboats, everyone is welcome from any boat yard, anchorage, moorings or other marinas. Bring something to put on the grill, a dish to share, plate and cutlery, BYOB and 5 TTD for the coals. If you don’t have 5 TTD bring it the next week. Suggestions for a dish to share If you just checked into Trinidad, single hander or just don’t feel like cooking: a bag of chips, open a jar of olives, cake, bag of cookies, a tin of beet root, crackers and hummus, be creative you will be welcome. If English is not your first language, no problem. Food and drink are a universal language! If you just got to Trinidad and do not have something for the grill there is a market on the dock at Power Boats (Closes at 4:00) and next to the chandlery at Peakes. Please if you are the last to leave make sure the place is tidy. Grace and Gary will appreciate it when they open the Roti Hut for business the next morning.

Dominoes: Sunday 1:00 PM Roti Hut Power boats. Of course, no cruising destination would be complete without the required Mexican Train Dominoes.

Lime AKA happy hours: When the parrots fly in the afternoon in Trinidad it is time to stop work and lime. While the boatyards are trying their best to reopen the bars look for Impromptu gatherings, perhaps on the dock at Power Boats.

Exploring Trinidad

Trips and Events: Listen to the VHF Net in the morning and MSATT/Trinidad WhatsApp for seasonal trips: turtle watch, Taste of Trini, Pan Yard limes, movie night, bird watching trips, music Jams and other upcoming social events. For further information please see the links below or see the Events Page.:

Public Transportation: Large public bus runs every hour and stops outside your gate (or the closest point on the Western Main Road - look for the bus stop signs). You will need a 2 TTD ticket which can be purchased at the Power Boats office or Dockside store at Power Boats. Yellow Maxi Bus run more often (Midday you may have a wait sometime) Price is 5 TTD to Glencoe once you pass Glencoe the price is 7 TTD to Port of Spain. Both pass Glencoe where you will find Kappa Drugs and Massy Supermarket/Grocery which are the closest to Chaguaramas, then West mall and terminates in Port of Spain.

For additional information please see: Getting Around

More Resources: This is just an overview of events and services. Check out the web site www.trinidad-cruisers.com for a wealth of information valuable to the cruising community. Information is also available at these online resources: www.membersonlymaxitaxi.com and www.msatt.org

Emergency Options

  • Fire – 990
  • Police – 999
  • Ambulance – 811
  • Local Police Station, Carenage – (868) 627-3123
  • Call for help on CH 68 and or 16 – your neighbor may be your quickest help
  • Call your Marina – During normal business hours
  • Call Jesse James

1Note: it is against Trinidad Customs regulations therefore illegal for cruisers to engage in selling. However, Items may be swapped, bartered or traded between foreign flagged vessels.