Trinidad Cruisers Exploring the Island


Cruisers will find a great number of events available to them. They are limited only by their interests and their willingness to venture out. There are many seasonal events: Christmas, Carnival, Cricket are but a few. Others are organized by nature (i.e. Turtle watching.)

WeeklyShopping Trips
Jesse James, Maxi Taxi and Tour Service, organizes shopping trips through out the week.
  • Tuesday (1st & 3rd): Long Circular Mall, Malbar Meats, Price Smart - Pickup at 9:30
  • Tuesday (2nd & 4th): Massy, West Mall, Superpharm - Pickup at 9:30
  • Tuesday Evening: Movie Town - low price movie night. - Pickup at 4pm
  • Saturday (every other): POS Market - Pickup at 7:30am
WeeklyRegular Cruiser Activities
Cruisers get together for a number of event each week.
  • Sunday Afternoon: Dominos at 1:00pm at the Roti Hut.
  • Thursday Evening: Weekly Cruisers Pot-Luck at 6pm at the Roti Hut.