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Information on arriving into Trinidad or Tobago, Customs and Immigration, and what to expect in Chaguaramas or Tobago.

Marinas & Services

Information on Marinas and Anchorages, Marine Services and Contractors, and where to obtain parts and supplies in both Trinidad and Tobago. Answers to Frequently asked Questions.

Shopping and Food

Where to shop for what you need and information on the unique foods of Trinidad and Tobago. Where to find something good to eat.

How to get around Trinidad and Tobago, and

Safety information.

Exploring Trinidad

There are vast opportunities to enjoy all that is offered in Trinidad. Beaches and hiking, Watching birds and wildlife, Exploring Port of Spain, The history and culture of Trinidad, Night life, Out of the way places around the island, and Adventures and Sports.

Seasonal Events

Many events are seasonal. The first event of the New Year is Carnival in February or March. Other events dot the year finishing with Diwali and lastly Christmas.

Exploring Tobago

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What is New

Coronavirus, Covid-19 Information for Trinidad Cruisers

Trinidad and Tobago's Borders are now open to those who are fully vaccinated. See this page for current procedures.

As more and more of the population of Trinidad and Tobago get vaccinated, more of the economy is opening up. To get an "unoffical list" of what is open and what is not see here

The situation concerning the Coronavirus is very dynamic. We will attempt to post links to sites that can give up to date information that concerns Cruisers in Trinidad and Tobago or those concerned with the islands. Please consult these sites for up to the minute information.

TT Ministry of Health - Travel Restrictions and information on the Coronavirus.

TT Ministry of National Security.

Members Only - Coronavirus Information Page

Facebook - Trinidad Cruisers Page.

As a continuing service to help make the passages to/from the islands to the north safer, YSATT and Jesse Jame have instituted a Convoy program. Details can be found in the News Release on Jesse's site and also on the YSATT site.

The website is being constantly updated. The most Recent updates are:

Cruisers Thanksgiving, Carving the Turkey.


The first question most cruisers ask is, why travel all the way to Trinidad and Tobago?

Several reasons come to mind. Many will need to get work done on their boats and are attracted by Trinidad's reputation for excellent work or low prices. Others will seek to keep their boat in a safe place during the Caribbean hurricane season. Many of these people leave their boats and return to North America or Europe for the summer. Other cruisers travel to Trinidad or Tobago just to experience the islands and its people. It is a shame that more don't as there is much to see and do.

Often cruisers are so focused on getting their work done that they seldom venture beyond Chaguaramas. We will attempt to explore some of the things that can be found beyond the limits of the marinas in Chaguaramas or on the island of Tobago, as well as where to find the services and facilities needed.

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Map of Trinidad
Map of Trinidad
Carnival, The Old Yard - 2014, Trinidad
Carnival, The Old Yard - 2014, Trinidad